Our wallcoverings offer countless opportunities to reinvent interiors - through combinations and contrasts of colours and materials.
Our wallpapers are the natural backdrop for any interior - modern, classic, rural, oriental, Scandinavian and so on.
We have an eye for detail and quality and a big heart for the environment.
If you are looking for ecological grasscloth wallpaper, you will find it here!!

This grass-woven wallpaper is woven entirely by hand on classic looms.
Here no electrically driven motor is used.
The plant fibres (seaweed, ramigrass, Chinese grass, also in combination with bamboo or rattan) are selected and woven by hand.
Plant fibres themselves are already irregular, while small-scale production - often at home - exacerbates this effect.
The visible irregularities in material, colour and structure of this wallpaper are not errors, but the characteristic features and the charm of a 100% handmade wallpaper made of natural materials.

This wallpaper complies with Fire Class A according to the ASTM E84 test method.

Please note that photos of the wallpaper may differ in colour from the original roll.
This is due to the pixels and the colour resolution of the screen.