Mica is a mineral in stone form and is suitable for numerous (also industrial) applications.

Human use of mica dates back to prehistoric times.
Mica was known by ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese and Aztec civilization.
The mica was crushed and the fine powder was and is being used for various purposes, including decorations.

Mica powder, fine and coarse, is glued on a paper (non-woven) backing and is available in various beautiful colours.

The most important characteristic of Mica is that it is fire-resistant.
The test performed according to the EU standard EN-13501-1 shows that Mica wallpaper causes little or no smoke; no hot particles coming free and the flammable materials such as the paper backing have a very limited contribution to fire.

Mica has the highest score within Class 0 of the British standard 476 on cladding fire testing.