Our entire  product line - from our raw materials to our finished products and everything in between - is aimed at supplying you with that piece of nature which brings YOUR product or interior to life. Combine, contrast, create! More and more we bring the warm ambiance of natural materials in our interior. If you now would take a few moments to reacquaint yourself with Rodeka. We have some brand new products - bamboo and grassweave wallpapers - high in demand AND decorative value. Decor and set designers, window dressers, stand builders, interior decorators, project developers, furniture industry, chair makers, basket makers also for hot air ballooning, beehive weavers, duck basket weavers, restaurateurs, hobbyists, garden architects, stand constructors - we have ideas for you too!

Unleash Creativity with Nature

Discover the essence of creativity with Rodeka Materials. Our versatile collection, including Cane, Core, Ropes & Braids, and more, invites you to blend nature with innovation. Perfect for interior decorators, project developers, and visionaries alike, our products offer the foundation for any design, traditional or modern. Transform your vision into reality with materials that inspire and connect with nature.

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loved by many

loved by many

We got a lot of happy customers around the world.

High grade materials

High grade materials

We assess our materials to make sure we provide the highest quality of products.

Distribute anywhere

Distribute anywhere

Our distribution is limitless and we deliver around the globe.

Rodeka's Global Network: Strength in Connections

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